Sunday, 3 June 2012

Stacking the shelves to Letter Box Love

Yep, as the title of the post suggests i wanted to move to another meme like Stacking The shelves because i want to support the meme, which is Letter Box love. The reason why i wanted to join Letter Box Love was because i'm a proud UK blogger!  There's nothing special going on so you don't have to worry.

Stacking the Shelves:

Letter Box Love:

Anyway, moving on to the main point of the meme.

catching up on the blog:

This week I had no books! One, because i have a lot of books to read and then there's the problem that i'm not reading on time. Right now i finished reading Amy and Roger's Epic Detour and let me say it was epic. However, i still want to see what you guys got! So, anything interesting you got this week? Comment below!


  1. Sometimes we need weeks like this. I know my pile is out of control!

    Glad you liked Amy and Roger's Epic Detour. I actually haven't heard that much about it but I pick it up almost every time I'm in the bookstore.

    1. Yes! I totally agree! i've got like 2 or 3 stacks of books waiting for me and i don't even know where to start! but it's progressing now, very slowly, very, very slowly. and you should give Amy and Roger's Epic Detour a try. i thought it was really good for a summer contemporary read.

      Happy reading! :)

  2. Great week for catching up! ;) Never heard of Amy and Roger's Epic Detour I'll have to take a look on GR!!

    1. Really? Never heard of it? But you should seriously give it a try. Maybe you'll enjoy it! :)


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