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Review: Moa by Tricia Stewart Shiu

Moa (Moa #1) by Tricia Stewart Shiu
Pages: 157 (paperback)
Publisher: Human Being Publishing
Pub date: February 1st 2012


Hillary Hause is not a witch. But, everyone in her conservative small town thinks so. When she is given a trip to Hawaii for graduation, this energetic eighteen-year-old anticipates adventure but gets more than she bargained for when Moa, an ancient Hawaiian spirit, pays her an unexpected visit.

With the help of her older sister, Molly and her seven-year-old niece, Heidi, Hillary embarks on a journey in which she not only saves herself, her family and Moa, but also the Hawaiian Islands. In the end, she learns to accept herself and her spiritual gifts warts and all.


*Given a review copy in exchange for a honest review.

Hillary has just graduated and now she's going to Hawaii for vacation. When she lands in Hawaii her sister and her niece welcomes her. But when Hillary meets Moa, an ancient Hawaiian spirit she's twisted into an adventure. The portal is failing and Hillary needs to save it.

First of all, i love the sound of Hawaii! I have always wanted to go there. In Moa i loved learning more things about Hawaii. The description in Moa could make you see Hawaii as if it really was there in front of you.

The plot was simple and straight forward. It was something i got easily. In contrast, there was one thing that really confused me. The narrative kept on changing. One second it's in first person narrative and them third person narrative. It kept on changing randomly. Then after awhile i went with the flow. After a while i understood better. Although, i think that most people wouldn't like it.

To wrap up this review, Moa is a refreshing read from the other paranormal books. Even though it drowns your interest with the different narratives.

My rating:

Pleas, sir, can i have some more?

About the author:

Tricia Stewart Shiu is an award winning, screenwriter, author and playwright, but her passion lies in creating mystical stories. Her latest series, The Moa Books, which includes Moa, The Statue of Ku and The Iron Shinto, were, by far her favorite to write. *From goodreads

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  1. Great review! I read Moa a day back as well and simply loved the Hawaiian setting! And I love the cover... it calms me down :D

  2. Great review, bookworm. At first the narrative confused me a little too, but then I realized the story was being told in first person omniscient--Moa is an all-knowing spirit. Definitely something different. Thanks for joining this tour. When you have a moment, could you please cross-post your review to Amazon and GoodReads? :-D


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