Last updated on 3rd of September 2012

This book blog has a history for it's name. But first, this book was made in September 2011 under the name Entwined Tales. It was later in the months that it was then Wishing On a Shooting Star Reviews. I then decided that it wasn't to my taste. So, i changed it. And so i changed it into Whisper of Reads (as you can see by the header.)

I created this blog to share my thoughts on the one thing that i love. Books. I love to discover book. New or old.

{About me}

Hi! I'm Sangita! I'm the bloogger behind Whisper of reads and your host. I'm thirteen years old and i am Asian! (I don't think you can every guess where in Asia.) Right now, i live in London. Don't ever come here. The weather here is impossible to predict, but you can be always be sure that it will rain. My favorite genres that i love to read (in YA) are: historical, mystery, action and adventure. I love watching Japenese, Korean and English shows. In addition, i also love listening to Japanese and Korean music. Big Bang, for example. Other than reading, i also love reading Mangas! 

{Contact me}

hikaru105 (dot) bookworm105 (at) gmail (dot) com

Thanks for dropping by!
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