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Mini review: Here (Masquerade #1.5) by Cambria Hebert

Between (Masquerade #1.5)
by Cambria Hebert
Release date: April 28th 2012


Military-trained whiz kid June and Robin Hood-esque Day met in the first book, and now are off from Los Angeles to Sin City in Prodigy (G.P. Putnam's Sons), out in bookstores Jan. 29. The Elector Primo of the Republic has died, with his son assuming power over what's left of the USA's West Coast as it teeters on full-blown chaos. June and Day join up with Patriot rebels so they can rescue Day's brother and head east for the Colonies. In order to help, though, the rebels want June and Day to kill the new Elector, who may be a step up from his dad.

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To start i have never read an extra book i have only read what's in the series: #1, #2, #3 and so on but never novellas. However, after reading Between i think i'll read them in the future. Between was a journey to explore Sam's brother. It was interesting to see what he felt.

The story is about how Logan feels about pretending. He feels fed up of his dad and how his mum never helps him. Angry about Sam running away. And school isn't going the right track. With all this happening, at the same time, Logan isn't feeling well. He knows what's happening but can't help but hope for the better. But after feeling fed up on how his life is he runs to find his brother, Sam.

Betwen is an interesting novella to read. It shares the feeling of Sam's brother Logan. By the end of this novella i couldn't but crave for the upcoming book after Masquerade!

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About the author:

Author. Blogger. Latte Sipper.
Cambria Hebert is an author who wrote her first book at the age of fifteen. It was terrible. But the passion for writing never went away so years later when she opened her laptop and started typing she worked until she wrote a book that she hopes everyone will be as excited about as she is.
Cambria is obsessed with werewolves and is terrified of chickens (they are creepy!)She is an animal lover that would choose coffee over food and her favourite TV show is the Vampire Diaries (Hell-O Damon!)

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