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Review: Exile (Mercy #2) by Rebecca Lim

Exile (Mercy #2)
By Rebecca Lim
Pages: 292
Publisher: HarperCollins Publishers
Published: May 1st 2011


An angel in exile, Mercy is doomed to return repeatedly to Earth, taking on a new human form each time she does. Now she "wakes" as unhappy teen Lela, a girl caring for a dying mother but never herself.

As her shattered memory begins to return, Mercy remembers Ryan, the boy she fell in love in another life, and Luc, the angel haunting her dreams.

Will Mercy risk Lela's life t be reunited with her hearts desire?


I didn't know how much I missed Mercy until I started to read Exile. I got hooked on by the first sentence in this book. Rebecca's writing is so...beautiful? Precious? Extravaganza? Maybe, all of them! When I finished Reading Exile I was left in shock. Literally! I was just staring at the book as if I had just read that wrong.

Mercy can't remember her old life as Carmen Zappacosta and that means she can't remember Ryan! Nooo! The relationship between Mercy and Ryan are pretty close. However, in this book there isn't much about Mercy and Ryan together. Another relationship in the book is Mercy and Luc's and to be exact I hate Luc. I knew that he was the bad guy from the start.

Every character that Rebecca portrays is like meeting the person yourselves. It's like you're the one who's meeting them, not Mercy.

So, finally, Mercy finds some one that is like her-on Earth. The person she meets asks Mercy why she was send down to Earth and her task is and this keeps me reading on. And then the lady asks what rank are you? Curiouser and curiouser. Don't you think so? Finally, we are getting some inside stuff of who Mercy is and her lost life!

You have got to read the Mercy series! It's one of my favourite series! I'm sure you'll love it too!

My rating:


About the author:

Rebecca Lim is a writer ad illustrator based on Melbourne, Australia. She worked as a Commercial lawyer for several years befor leaving to write full time. Rebecca is the author of eleven books for children and young adult readers, and her novels have been translated into German, French and Turkish.

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