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Review: Blood Red Road (Dustalnds #1) by Moira Young

Blood Red Road (Dustlands #1)
By Moira Young
Pages: 459
Publisher: Scholastic
Published: June 7th 2011

I ain't afeared of nuthin

When saba's brother is stolen red rage fills her soul.
She races across the cruel dustlands to find him.
Saba can trust no one. Even the boy who saves her life.
She must silence her heart to survive.
Blood will spill.

The dustlands beyond remote Silverlake are ruined and lawless. Saba, born and raised there, has hardly seen a traveller pass. Until the day black-robbed riders arrive in search of her brother. They have been waiting to take him all his life.
Lugh is gone, and with him half of Saba's soul. She must find her twin, and nothing but death itself will stop her. On her dangerous journey, accompanied by a clever crow, Saba needs courage and spirit as strong and sharp as her crossbow to survive. Along the road come enemies and allies-and a mysterious young man with eyes the colour of moonlight ...


The first thing i need to quote-from my friend-is 'son of a beeping beep beep'! This book is awesome!

Now that i have calmed down i would like to show you a text from the book:

Can you see it? That's right this book is not in English and it does not have speech marks! I know what you are thinking. You are thinking that how could this book be published?! Some people might like it, some might not, but i think it's awesome. It has the depth of the story and true originality.

Blood Red Road  is a story based after post apocalyptic and a dystopia book.  When Saba's brother, Lugh, gets kidnapped by Tontons she has to get him back. Along the way she meets all kinds of people, bad to kind and in the middle, too.

Things i like in this book is the heartstone and Nero. I would love to have a heartstone. A heartstone guides you to your desire, since i heard that from Mercy and Sabatells her that her hearts desire is Lugh i think that her true heart desire is a boy and boy am i right! Nero, is a pet of Saba; he's a crow. He's really smart and acts like a human.

People Saba meets along the way to her journey of saving her brother, Lugh, are all amazing. After just hearing their name, i think that they've been in the story more than a few chapters ago. The most curious character in this story is DeMalo. He works with the villain, but helps Saba in the end of the book. This whole books are split up in towns, city's or places they step on along the way and one the important one is Hopetown. In Hopetown Saba gets kidnapped to cage fight, she wins all of her fights and she gets called Angel of Death.

Omg what better than finding your lover in a cage fight! Saba and Jack meet in a cage fight, well, they're not really fighting each other, but, rather the saw each other in a outdoor session. And do you know what she says to him? You're not my type. And i was like you go girl. Lol. The good point of the relationship between Saba and Jack is that it doesn't over shadow the main plot in this book. Every romance scene is exactly where it's supposed to be. Another good point i like about in this book is all the action. Saba is a not a damsel in distress, she's ass kicking type of girl and boy could i tell you more.  

However i also think that Saba is pathetic because she blames her mother's death on her sister, Emmi, who died giving birth to her. I mean come on! Her sister, Emmi, is only nine. How can you give a nine-year-old a heavy burden like that!

To end this review would like to quote my friend, again: " son of a beeping beep beep"

My rating: 

About the author:

Moira was an actress and singer before becoming a writer. She came to the UK from her native Canada to perfom on the London stage and now lives in Bath.

Blood Red Road is her first book.

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