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Review: Look Into My Eyes (Ruby Redfort #1) by Lauren Child

Look Into My Eyes (Ruby Redfort #1) by Lauren Child
Pages: 192
Publisher: Haperper Collin's Children books
Published: September 2011 


Meet Ruby Redfort: every smart kid's smart kid.

'No one must ever suspect a thing,' said Hitch.
'That's rule number one: Keep it Kipped.'
'Sure,' said ruby. 'don't blab, sounds pretty simple to me.'
'No, kid, that's where you're wrong-that's the difficult bit. Code breaking and all that stuff, that's easy compared to keeping a secret like this...'

Want to know more? Of course you do, buster.
What would yo do if you were a thirteen-year-old kid and a secret agency asked you to become their ace code-cracker?

Panic will freeze your brain.

Tell all your friends?
You'd be on your ear, bozo!

Could you keep it zipped?
Well, could you buster?

Lucky for Ruby Redfort, she's not you average kid. She's never going to crack. She's super smart, she's always cool and she can keep her mouth shut... can't she?

There's only one wan to find out . . .


Ruby Redfort is just an average girl who likes gum and wear shirts that speaks her mind. When Ruby's parents come back from Switzerland strange things are happening. First, Ruby's parents luggages are lost; someone has robbed her house; Mrs Digby is kidnapped and their new house manager is weird. He knows everything about Ruby and Ruby's parents and he keeps on staring at the toast as if there's something written on it. When Ryuby gets a mysterious phone call telling her to meet the person. Surprisingly, it's a test to see if she's clever enough. They ask Ruby to be their code-cracker.

This first book in the series is satisfying. The only drawback is that the book only had action in the end.

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