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Review: City Of Ashes (The Motal Instruments #2) by Classandra clare

City Of Ashes (The Mortal Instruments #2)
By Classandra Clare
Pages: 453
Publisher: Simon & Schuster Children's
Published: March 2008

Haunted by her past, Clary is dragged deeper into Ney York City's terrifying  underworld of demons and shadowhunters-but canshe control her feelings for a boy who can never be hers?


Now that Clary has found out that Jace is her brother (or is he?) They can't be together.

There's so much packed in this book. Everything is everywhere. This story is racing till the finish line. You can never  predict whats going to happen. You'll be at the edge of your seat when you finish this. Clary and Simon are going out and then Clary is still thinking about Jace. Sometimes she likes Jace and then she doesn't. At first when i found out Clary and Simon were going out i was like 'is that gonna work?' because Clary still has feelings for Jace. Clary's mum is still in a coma. They still have to stop Valentine with his evil deeds. And they have to get the Mortal Instruments from Valentine.

~Something new~

So, there are things that are new in the second book. The first new thing that will make you scream is magic. Jace and Clary have new magic.
Clary can make runes. For example, if she wants to melt something she'll draw the rune in her head. And finally Jace. For some reason Jace can jump. I know it sounds funny but he can jump as high as a three story buildings, maybe even higher. I don't know how this is helpful but i think Classandra has a trick up her sleeve for the jump.

The second things that are new are characters.

The new characters:

  • The Inquistor aka Imogen.
Back story- used to be part of the circle for Valentine.
Imogene's character has a sad story that goes along with it. When she used to be with Valenine in the circle she was devoted to valentine but when Valentine kills her son, Stephen, she hates Valentine with all her heart.

  • Maia- a member of Luke's pack.
Back story- was turned to a werewolf by her boyfriend. I'm thinking that Simon and her like each other. That would be nice. It would bring many different possibilities for the series.

  • Seelie Queen- Queen to the faeries

I'm so heart broken for Clary and Jace's fragile relationship. And do you see how Simon just says Clary is his girlfriend-eventhough she is-in front of Jace. Can Simon not see how Jace looks at Clary and how Clary looks at Jace! But then the story develops. Simon, Clary, Jace, Alec and Issabelle go see the Seelie Queen and i was like 'oh yeah,' when Jace and Clary kissed 'thank you, Seelie Queen for making them do that!' And it was right in front of Simon. Then, when they're going back to the Institute Simon goes missing. *Dramatic music* where is he gone? Then Raphel turns up with Simon in his arms and Simon is bleeding everywhere and then Clary goes all dramatic about Simon leaving her. Then they find out he's not dead but turning into a vampire! And i'm like are you trying to hurt Clary?! He just makes up his mind by changing into a vampire and he doesn't talk about it to Clary! If he's changing so Clary can love him then he made the wrong decision. And i wanna know the actuall reason he turned into a vampire, Classandra didn't explain it. And finnally but not least Classandra makes you hate her by doing a cliif hanger at the end. However, there's another thing that is stuck in my head; what did Imogen say to Jace when she was dying?!

I can't wait to read the next book. I've got sooooo many questions.What will happen to Jace and Clary's relationship? Will Clary's mum wake up from her comma? Jace and Clary are they really sibilings?
Ahhhh! I'm really fustrated now. I really, really, really want to read city of glass.
If you have read City Of Ashes (of course you have, i'm just late) then what was your favorite part? Do you agree with me on this review?

My rating:

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