Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Thankful for . . . Harry Poter series.

The most book that i am thankful for is Harry Potter. I first started reading Harry Potter when i was about 
8 but for some reason i stopped reading it.

It all started when i was in the library.  I saw the book and it looked interesting so i took it out to read. I read it and it started to be actually nice because i didn't really like books then. So, i started reading and reading it more. I started to come home more quicker to read it. However i stopped reading it because there were things i needed to do.

And then after two years people started to talk about and then it just came up in my mind that i was reading it. I got excited again  but this time i bought it and when i bought it, straight away, i started to reading it. It became more interesting and then i read the next book and then the third one but then i had to wait for it because i had to by the whole series.

And right now i am still a fan Actually, rather than a fan i would call myself a Harry Potter fanatic who is still depressed about Snape dying. I also, talk about it to my friends and one of them loves it. We can go all day about it and today we was talking about it. I know what you are thinking that we are crazy and actually we are for Harry potter. Not Harry Potter but the book!

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