Thursday, 10 November 2011

Review: Brightgirls by Clare Chambers.

It was going to be a explosive summer . . .

Rachel and i had strict instructions:
"Don't tell anyone in Oxford where you're going, and don't tell anyone in Brighton why you're there. You don't have to lie. Just be vague."

"Oh, I don't mind lying,"
Rachel had said cheerfully.
"That's the fun bit."

We secretly go away to he beach for the summer.
Our lives may be in danger.
We secretly go away to the beach for the summer.
We enjoy ourselves until its safe to go home.

If i just stop Rachel from spending all our money and help her find a holiday job and and keeping her from dating every boy in town and make sure she doesn't say anything stupid, maybe it'll all turn out OK . . .

Robyn a fifteen year old teenager and her sister have to go away to Brighton for safety. they can't tell anyone why they are there. the plan is to stay at their aunt Jackie's house

Robyn is Fifteen-year-old Robyn (the "sensible" one) and her older sister Rachel arrive in Brighton to spend the summer with their estranged Aunt Jackie, who runs a ballgown hire business from her ramshackle multi-storey home. They have been forced to leave their home in Oxford, where they live with their father, because of threats to their safety, the nature of which only gradually becomes apparent. But it doesn't turn out to be a normal place to stay in aunt Jackie's house. From playing in a pub that Robyn is not allowed in to Aunt Jackie's  Princess Diana dress getting destroyed and many more . . .

My rating:

If you want a laugh out book then be sure to pick this bright, yellow book!

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