Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Review: Piper by Meg Harper

They all dance to his tune . . . save one.

Thanith's grandmother tells her a mysterious story hat has haunted her family for generations. It is a story without an end, a riddle she must solve, and to to do she must enter the dangerous world of the city where lone children like her live on the edge, cast out out by society.

There Tanith meets Crow, a charismatic boy with a band of kids depending on him for survival The two are drawn to each other, but there's something strange about crow and Tanith doesn't trust him with her secret. But maybe Crow has secrets of his own . . .

A twist on a classic tale. Piper is fulled with a journey of heartwarming, loyalty, trust, survival and enchantment.

Tanith knows she has to leave her grandma except she doesn't want to; but she has to or the Cratz will take her. So, she sets up on a journey towards the city. In the city she has to find out what happens in the story and solve the riddle, that her grandma had said. On the journey she meets Crow. He's got Tanith's dog, Wulfie.Her only friend and someone she can trust. But when Crow goes away he can't forget Tanith. She was the only one that stood up to him, the only one who looked him in the eye and the only one who didn't fall for his beauty. He has to get her back but he doesn't know where she is but when unravels where Tanith is he has to do what he never wanted to do . . .

There's one thing i have to say. I love the way Meg Harper used the Pied Piper tale for her story. She made it mysterious and made it a good read.

The character i loved was Tanith because she is strong. She has got disability but she doesn't care. She just carries on and doesn't care what people think. I also love Crow's character. He is caring and best of all mysterious.

My rating:

A Comforting, mysterious and a enchanting book to read.

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