Monday, 17 October 2011

reading under the moonlight blogspot:Surprise giveaway with a surprise prize!

Reading under the moon is golding a surprise prize as you know by the title. Don't miss it!

So here's the info for the suprise give away:

Hey every one so as the title says I'm having a surprise giveaway with a surprise prize. The reason for the giveaway is mostly because,
1. I love surprises.
2. it's in honor of Halloween
3. and of course my birthday was this past Sunday Oct 9.

Since my birthday passed and I wasn't able to have my surprise birthday party (my mom kinda told me about it 2 weeks before XD lol) I was left wanting a surprise and so I decided that if I couldn't have my surprise I would give you, my followers, one.

So heres are the details:
1. One winner only, unless I have more than 150 entries then there will be a a second place winner and if more than 200 entries a third not sure if I'll have more than that.

2. Prize will remain a secret for the most part but of course I'll give out a few hints and here are some:
  a. Fist place winner will get a book from the most popular list in goodreads October releases randombly choosen, even I don't know what the prize will be yet! but here are the 19 choices (19 since I turned 19):

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