Tuesday, 18 October 2011


When i wake up the sun is already up. After staring at the blank wall for a while i go to get a shower.
     When i get out of the shower my room is cleaned and strangely there is a school uniform and a little bag next to it. Then i remember the letter, That i had got yesterday.
      I get dressed then see my self in the mirror. The uniform is cute and looks expensive on me but it doesn't suit me because i am not cute and i don't even have a penny on me as far as i know.I sigh then suddenly there's a knock on the door. I jump. There's a knock on the door again. I walk to the door and open it. At first i don't see anything but then i see a shadow in he dark. I don't know what to do but move . . . but i can't. My body just doesn't listen to my command. I can't hear it move but it's definitely moving, towards me. Slowly and swiftly. I try to scream but when i open my mouth nothing comes out. Suddenly the shadow stops moving. "Is there anything wrong, mistress?" It steps forward again. Then I see it properly. It's not a shadow or a monster but a person. He's got wrinkles on his face, brown eyes, silver hair, he is wearing a plain black tailor coat and trousers, he's got a pocket watch in his top pocket on his chest, he is wearing white gloves and he is wearing those pointy shoes. He looks about in his 70s. "Is there anything wrong, mistress?" He repeats again. I say nothing and he takes it as if i don't want to and says: " i see that you are dressed and ready to go to school, so please follow me, mistress; to the dining hall" ans as he says the last word he turns and walk away.

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