Sunday 30 September 2012

Review: Solid by Shelley Workinger

Solid (Soldi #1)
by Shelley Workinger
Pages: 221
Publisher: Createspace
Pub date: July 9th 212


Clio Kaid may be 17 and just beginning the last summer before her senior year, but her life is anything but typical.

She's just discovered she was genetically altered before birth and is now headed to a top-secret Army campus to explore the surprising results of the experiment.

Follow Clio and the other teens as they develop fantastic super-abilities, forge new friendships, and find love as they search for answers.


 A copy was provided by the author for a honest review.

Solid was a quick read with a interesting plot that i found to love and unique in it's own way. Clio is like any other girl you see around, but the one thing you don't know about her is that her DNA was altered with when she was a baby. That's with so many other kids like her are at a Army camp.  Despite it being called a Army camp its nothing like it sounds. It's like any other normal day. Until, Clio over hears two people quarrel about something strange.

I enjoyed seeing through Clio's mind. I liked her inside witty comments, especially. Her relationship with Jack was cute. I kept on cursing Garret when he kept on interrupting them when they were having a good moment. Besides Garret and Jack there are also other friend of Clio: Bliss and Miranda. They all are all fun people to read about. I thoroughly enjoyed reading the characters.

When i first read about this i thought it would be like any other scientific-DNA-altered story. On the other hand, Shelley Workinger did the exactly opposite. She made the protagonist and the other people agree coming to the Army campus, which i though was a very nice unique touch. Nevertheless of the unique touch there were some things i didn't like. In my opinion, i thought, that the start from the story was dragged on for too long. Further more, i could see where some things were going.

In spite of the fact that, the beginning of the story was dragged on i still loved some of the twist in the plot and the characters were all fun to read about. If you love science fiction then i would definitely recommend this for you.

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  1. ooo a definitely interesting read! It sounds totally original and wonderful as well as awesome. :)

  2. I agree, it took me a while to get into this one, too! Glad you enjoyed it :)

  3. This sounds out of this world! :D But to be honest, I am not that big of a fan of scifi so I think I'll pass this one.

    Nice review though!!! :D

  4. I love the cover for this one! The synopsis sounds really good, too, so I'm glad to hear that you enjoyed it (apart from the predictability and the slow beginning, of course). I might have to check this one out when I've got the time!

    Great review, Sangita. :)

  5. I love those DNA experiment/sci-fi stories too! I like the idea that the kids are all there willingly and I'd be very interested in these super-abilities, I guess if I can get past the slow start. Excellent review, Sangita!

  6. I love DNA alternations, because I'm working with DNA at the moment (for my study :p I'm not crossing a monkey with a turtle or something scary on my room, haha.) I'm glad that you enjoyed the story, even when the beginning dragged. I quite like the sound of it - I haven't heard of this book before. Thanks for sharing and I'm going to check it out :D


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