Monday, 3 September 2012

New blog name, design and address!!!

As you can already guess i have a new blog name, design and address!

You might be wondering why i changed it. And i've got the answer right here:

This book blog has never settled with a blog name. It actually had another name before Wishing On a Shooting Star Reviews. It used to be called Entwined Tales. Originally i wanted the blog to be named Tales Entwined, but it seems it was already taken. I never liked it. Then i changed it to Wishing On a Shooting Star Reviews. I actually liked it like that... for awhile. Then, for some reason i became really picky again. At the same time, i was making an Twitter account for the blog. I then made my Twitter account which is... dun dun duuun... whisper of reads. (See where i'm going?) Then it came to me! (Eureka!) I got the idea to change my blog name! It was perfect! And i loved it!

So, now we are here in the present. I would love to hear what you think of it! Do you love it? Is there something wrong with it? Is it not loading properly? If you have anythings to say then spill it away in the comments below!


I really forgot to do this yesterday. I got sidetracked by the time. All of these pictures are not made by me. I got them from other websites. And they are:
  1. Wikipedia.
  2. PicMonkey.
The button and header is by people from Free Pretty Things and Shabby Blogs. The purple stack of books  picture is from wikipedia (the picture is public domain.) Lastly, I edited the button and added text on PicMonkey.


  1. Wow! A new look! It looks awesome! Well done. :) I was thinking of changing my address all that stuff for a while but after thinking of it i just kept it. I'm glad you changed it to something you loved now. >___<

    1. Thank you! :) I don't think you should change gour blog adress because it really suits your blog.

  2. Whisper of Reads is a very cute name and I love the banner art! Seems like a keeper!
    Catherine Stine’s Idea City

  3. I don't know what it looked like before but what I see in front of me now is absolutely gorgeous. Plus, I love your blog name.

    So, I was reading your About Me page...and I saw this:
    'Right now, i live in London. Don't ever come here.'
    It made me laugh! The weather here is rubbish, right? And God knows what was up with it this year, it's been worse than usual. I don't know that I've ever heard someone straight-up tell people not to come here, usually it's about the pros of the city, of which there are, I admit, many. ;)

    Anyways, the point of this long-winded comment was to say, thanks for being a follower! (In answer to your comment, it's never too late!) And I'm following you back. :)

    Aa'Ishah @ Reading Under the Stars

    1. Thank you! I know, it's always impossible to predict the weather. One second it's all sunny but all of a sudden it's starts raining. But i do agree that there are pros.

  4. I don't think I ever saw your previous design, but I love your design as it is now! I can't believe that you did this by yourself! It's seriously really great. And the name is SO good. Whisper of Reads?! It's genius. Seriously. I can't wait to stop by your blog more and read your reviews! <3

    Congrats on the awesome new look and name!


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