Sunday, 16 September 2012

Leterbox Love (9)

LETTERBOX LOVE is a meme by Narratively Speaking.
LETTERBOX LOVE is a way for bloggers to share what books or
ebooks they got this week that we: borrowed or begged for.

For review:

Flesh by Khanh Ha - I got a Hardback of this for the tour. I'm looking forward to it as i've heard it's really good. 
Ember (Death Collecters #1) by Jessica Sorensen - I jumped at the opportunity to be part of the blog tour because i haven't read any works by Jessica Sorensen. All of Jessica Sorensen works sound so good, so i had to try it out.

Frost Arch (The Fire Mage Trilogy #1) by Kate Bloomfield - As you can see i got bewitched by the gorgeous cover. I couldn't help myself. AND it's about an alternative, yeah... 
Beg for Mercy (Cambion #1) by Shannon Dermott - Have you read synopsis? That's all i have to say.


Thanks to Evie @ Bookish for sharing these wonderful books were free in Kindle! :)

Sovereign Hope (The Hope series #1) by Frankie Rose - It sounds so mysterious! Who is Daniel? Who is Farely?
Solsitice: A novel of the Zombie Apocalypse by Donna Burgess - Love the cover! Zombies? Haven't even read a book with zombies so i had to get it.

What pretties did you get this week?


  1. I like the Gothic appeals of the covers!

    Happy reading :D

  2. A lot of these covers are gorgeous! The "Frose Arch" one reminds me of the fallen series.

    And oooh beg for mercy... *runs to read synopsis*

    1. Lol. That's what i was thinking as well. It's looks like it's been shot in a different angle.

  3. Great haul! Beg for Mercy sounds really good. I've heard great things about that book! :)

  4. free books are the best!! awesome books this week! hope you enjoy them all and happy reading :)

    Our StS.


  5. Ember Death Collector looks so aw-mazing! I don't know about what it's about but it looks awesome already! XD

  6. Nice haul, hun! I haven't heard of any of these but I hope you enjoy them all!


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