Sunday, 11 December 2011

Review: The Scorpio races by Maggie Stiefvater

The scorpio races by Maggie Stiefvater.
Pages: 482
Publisher: Scholastic
Published: October 2011


Every year, the Scorpio Races are run on the beaches of Skarmouth.
Every year, the sea washes blood from the sand. To race the savage water horses can mean death, but the danger is irresistible.

When Puck enters the races to save her family, she is drwan to the mysterious Sean, the only person on the island capable of taming the beasts

Even if they stay together, can they stay alive?

A breathtaking ride that will make your heart race.

My summary:

When Puck's brother decides to leave her and her brother, to get away from Skarmouth, she has to get a way to get him to change his mind. So, she decides to join the Scorpio Races. It's a foolish idea, even Puck herself knows that. But, she has to wn, if she doesn't her family and her will have no where to stay.

Sean just wants one thing. Corr. But, sometimes it isn't always easy to get things. He has to win this years Scorpio race. It wil be easy. He can tame the monsterous sea horses and he has already won the Scorpio Races for times in a row.

However, this time it will be difficult. When Puck and Sean meet they can't stay away from each other. Never the less, they still have a goal. Win the Scorpio race.

Will Puck get her money and get her brother back?

Will Sean get his one desire?

Who will win the Scorpio race . . .


I don't know any thing about horses, but i certinly know about water horses!

This wasn't really my kind of book but sometimes you just have to go with the unknown.
The Scorpio Races is about two people based on the scorpio Race that is always run every year. The contestances race on water horses. From the outside they are a piece of art, but when you come closer they reveal temselves. They are beasts.

I thoroughly enjoyed this book, except for the first few chapters. It started out all boring but then it became more interesting. Thank god i hanged on to it!

My rating:

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