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Review: The mysterious benedict society ( the mysterious benedict society #1) by Trenton Lee Stewart.

The Mysterious Benedict Society by Trenton Lee Stewart.
Pages: 480
Publisher: The Chicken House
Published: June 2009 (fist published in February 2007)


Four children with unusual talents are recruited for a top-secret mission. There is only one rule - there are no rules.
How can they work together to save the world?

A cracking adventure begins . . .

My summary:

'Are you a gifted child?'
When this peculiar ad. appears in the news paper dozens of children enrol to take a series mysteries and mind blowing tests. However only 4 children pass this odd test. Their names are: Reynard (Reynie) Muldoon, Sticky ( George Washington), Constance Contraire and Kate Whetherhall. They all have their own secrets. Is Sticky Sticky's real name and what is his story? Why is Constance so small? Well, you can find this all out when you read the book.

These 4 children have to save the world in secret. The are agents. They are not the governments' agent, but Mr Benedict's. 

Will they save the world? Will there be enough time? But aren't they just children?

Welcome to the Mysterious Benedict Society.


An excellent book! It's packed with adventure, friendship, loyalty and . . . suspense. I want to say even though i read this in like 2 weeks it was a good read. It had great ways of showing that, children can do things what adult can do as well. This book was full of problems. The Mysterious Benedict Society solved their problems with answers that i will never think of. For example, when Sticky got the idea to read Mr Curtain's journal and when they had the tests to enrol for "the special opportunities". 

The characters in the books were also mind blowing. I loved all of the characters. Reynie is special in his own way. He acts like a adult, but looks like a child. I love Kate's bucket. You might wonder in the first place why she ever is carrying a bucket when it's not going to help you in any way. But, you're wrong (find out when you read the book!). I also love Mr Benedict's character. He is mysterious and in some way he always knows everything.

The last thing i want to say about this book is that, i love how Trenton (the author) used Mr benedict to give us a puzzle to solve. I certainly want to know Mr Benedict's first name!

My Rating:

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