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Review: Avenger's Angel (The Lost Angels #1) by Heather Killough-Walden

Avenger's Angel (The Lost Angels #1)
by Heather Killough-Walden
Pages: 328
Publisher: Headline
Published: November 1st 2011


An archangel will never stop searching for his destiny...
After an eternity spent walking the Earth is search of their lost soul mates, four archangels are about to learn that finding their archesses is only the first harrowing step to claiming their souls.

When Uriel, Angel of Vengeance, catches sight of Eleanore Granger he is stunned. He and his brothers have searched for centuries for the elusive archesses made for them by the Old Man and, recognizing Ellie as his, Uriel immediately wages war of seduction to capture her heart.

Beautiful Ellie has spent her whole life on the run, hiding inexplicable powers others would kill to posses. She cannot deny her attraction to the extraordinarily handsome man with piercing green eyes but can she trust him?

As passion consumes Uriel and Ellie, outside forces just as powerful as the arcangels themselves array against them. If they are to realize the love is their destiny, Uriel and Ellie must fight to death against those who would tear them apart...


Avenger's Angel is page turning, thrilling and priceless. You'll be skipping pages till the end. I don't know how to start or say about this book to make you guys see that this book is priceless.

The first thing i want to say is wow. Like have you read the blurb! The blurb was the only reason i'm reading this book.

The first time you read this book you might be like ' what the hell. I've got the wrong book! This is about vampires! Arrrh!' But no. It's part of the story. And thats what i actually love about this book. Unlike other angel and Greek myths it has got a extravaganza twist.

OK, so from the star it hits you across the face as if you've been slapped by the book. Lol. Anyway, so the prologue just sucks you on with all about the Old Man, the archangels and their archesses.

The whole plot is like a hill. First you start with oh-everything-is-normal. Next, you have to go all the way to the top to see everything to understand everything. Then, you go all the way down on full speed like every slot in a puzzle is finally coming together and finally, you reach the bottom with satisfaction and with a happy ending.


Eleanore's -Uriel's archess- is really femenist and i mean don't get me wrong but i'm all 'you go girl' but because of that she keeps on thinking Uriel is the bad guy and thats bad for both of them. OMG! Ellie's past, present and tense has an extradinary characters and stories. I just can belive it. But it all make scence when you finish the books and it gives you heartattacks and surprises because of her past, by the way.

Uriel- Angel of Vengeance. Uriel i would die for you. Seriously i would. I would kill to get a guy like him.

Uriel's brothers are also something to die for as well. Gabriel-the Old Man's messenger; Azrael-Angel of Death; Miachel-the Warrior Angel.

Sameal -one of the fallen angels and one of the villains. Urrrh! I hate that guy! Who the hell does he think he is? Though he is an angel but seriously i have never hated a villain in a book so much as him. Wait scratch that i hate Kevin. He thinks he can do anything he likes then he's wrong.

I can't wait for the next book and Heather has already gave us a hint of what's next but she still left it like a cliff hanger. I'm guessing the next book is about one of Uriel's brother and their archess.

Therefore, i have to say that you would NOT want to miss this for this for the world. And when i say not i really mean it.

My rating:


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