Wednesday, 1 February 2012

About me.

Hey, so i was thinking i should get a about me page because i thought you should know the person who is behind all of this.

So, let us start by basic introduction. My name Sangita Tamang and i was born on 18th of January 1999; yeah, for some reason my profile says i am born on 1998 but i am not. Right now i live in United Kingdom, London.

I love reading-of course! But not only reading i like cooking, watching the tv, surfing on the internet and going out for a fresh breath of air.

What am i like? I can be a girly girl. I love, shopping and fasion but i can also be a boy sometimes. I started blogging on september 2011.

Blogging is my new obsession. I absuloutely love it! I can interact with people and discover more of the world. Eventhough, i am only a rooky i hope i get better.

So, that's all for now! I am looking forward to know you ans see what kind of books that you are reading. Thank you for taking your time to visit.

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