Friday, 30 September 2011


And today I got a letter and let me tell you this; I don’t get letters normally, actually, I never, ever get letters. At first I thought I read it wrong but it said:

Miss Frost
12 crescent road

And the strange thing is it’s written by someone not by computers you get now normally and it read:

Dear Miss Frost,
                             I am writing to you to inform that you have successfully entered the Lord Benedict Academy for exceptional girls and boys.
          We will be pleased if you arrive at school exactly at 08:00am.
          Your school uniform has already been sent to you and we would wish that you will wear your full uniform when you come to the school. All of your other personal property has been sent to you as well and your timetable and information you will need for yourself will be sent as well.

Yours sincerely
Miss Elizabeth Benedict
The headmistress.

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