Tuesday, 27 September 2011


Well here is my first ever story that I've published on a blog in my whole life.


I was 7 when I was found unconscious. I don't know my real name I don't know my parents just don't know who i am. But i do know what my name is, the one i made up. My name is Frost, Emily Frost. I put in my last mane as frost because i can give you frostbites and i can make you feel cold but I can't make it snow i'm not powerful enough for that kind of stuff.
          I grew up in a orphanage; The Sunnyside Orphanage. The name didn't suit my taste even though i grew up there most of my life. It just didn't grow on me. But when i turned ten i was taken by people i didn't know and i was swept into a grande house. the house had a lot of space but the the thing was that there as too much space you just felt lonely in the house. I could never see people in the house but there was always food that never ended and things that i would always need there.

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