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Review: Fae Not by Lea Spiegel and Megan Summers

Fae Not by Leah Spiegel and Megan Summers
Pages: 258
Pub date: March 25th 2012


Ashton has never had a problem being able to turn heads, or being able to persuade humans do to whatever he wants. After the accidental death of a childhood friend, Ashton knows all too well the dangers that come along with channeling humans and begins to resent his existence because of it.

Ashton now spends his time trying to “fix” humans at a therapeutic camp in his colony. When Claire comes to the camp, not only is she different in the fact that she’s shy and innocent, but his abilities don’t seem to work on her either.

Distraught, Ashton discovers who her real parents are and what Claire must be, but he knows he’s also running out of time because another more powerful fae is erasing the memory that she even existed. He must find her before they find him or the memory of Claire, the only girl he’s ever loved, and the knowledge of what she truly is will be erased forever.


  *Given a copy for a honest review.  

Ashton is a fae. Faes channel (feed) off human and they can persuade humans. But when Claire arrives at the institute Ashton knows there's something wrong. She's different. She can give off heaps off energy and she can control the channeling. It's as if she knows. The big mystery of Claire gives the readers an adrenaline and keeps them on the edge of their seat. I couldn't put it down. I haven't had good old thrill, like this, since ages.

Claire, our main character, is adopted by two faes and they both channel off her. When she arrives at the institute she's quiet as a mouse but when we go through the book we see her character developing into a stronger one. We find out how Claire is used and how she goes around been channelled by many faes. It's filthy and wrong. *shiver* Along with Claire's character developing, we also see the relationship between Ashton and Claire developing. Ashton is not like other Faes. He doesn't like what he is. When Ashton meets Claire for the first time he knows that she's different from other humans. She doesn't swoon after him or follow him around like a lost puppy. Then, we see that Ashton is growing special feelings for her. The thing that ticked off was that when Aston and Claire had a romantic moment Claire would always run away and it was not explained. Despite this, Ashton and Claire were cute together.

Although, Fae Not was addicting and had great character and relationship development there was also a flaw. The ending was just like there. There was all this thrill and action, then bam! It's the end. I thought this hadn't ended yet, but after flicking through a few pages i finally got that it had finished. I was devastated, a little exaggeration but yes i was devastated. Nevertheless, i still enjoyed Fae Not and would recommend it, especially, to paranormal readers.

My rating:

Comes with minor flaws but i do recommend it

About the authors:

Leah Spiegel:

An Edinboro University of Pennsylvania Graduate who once spent years drawing imaginary worlds and now writes about them. I am addicted to writing, usually fall in love with all my characters, and lean towards the comical in all my books! *From Goodreads.

Learn more about Leah Spiegel at:

Meagan Summers: 

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